Digital technology articles and features.

Digital Technology Articles & Features

Learn more from our team of experts about their thoughts regarding the latest industry trends and hot topics. Find our latest articles below, put together with our solution specialists to give you the latest insights and advice on navigating the world of digital technology.

Supporting The Hospitality Sector With Digital Solutions.

Hospitality businesses have faced huge challenges over the past few years. Technology can help to streamline their operations.

Video Latency Explained.

Low latency is a design goal where there is real-time interaction with the video content, such as conferencing or where real-time interaction is essential.

The Advent of Digital Transformation Self-Service.

The rise of e-commerce and AI has made it possible for businesses to offer customers a hugely improved experience.

The Power of Digital Signage.

Digital signage, embracing content, software & hardware, has become business-critical & no longer a nice-to-have.

The Global Rise of the Interactive Kiosk Market.

The global interactive kiosk market is set to rise. But what exactly is an interactive kiosk? And what are the benefits?

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