Digital technology consultancy services.

Digital Technology Consultancy Services

Leading companies such as Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine and Network Rail have relied upon Melford consultants to help shape their strategy and then to implement the right solution across countries worldwide.

Melford Technologies digital technology consultancy.

Our specialist insight assists our customers to deliver results and optimise the customer or individual’s experience. With more than 50 years of experience in the design, development and deployment of digital technologies, Melford provides focused consultancy to aid customers in their strategic and operational journey.


Our experience is both highly technical and at the same time practical, specifically in terms of insights into staff, customer and user behaviors and interaction.


Presently, those in the Melford consulting team continue to be focused on digital technology, the customer and user experience. This  ensures our recommended solutions drive customer engagement, enhance the overall experience, whilst increasing productivity and ultimately profitability.

Supported by our innovation team, we advise our clients on digital technology trends and developments, linking these closely to how consumers and their own lifestyles are impacted by the adoption of personal devices, internet use together with a wider impacting Internet of Things (IoT).

Typically our interaction begins with an informal exploration of the current situation and the customers own indication of direction and ultimate objectives. We refer closely to trends, initial options and recent case study experience but without placing limits on the technical possibilities and areas to consider.


We would welcome the opportunity to outline our experience and explore ways in which we can impact your customer and staff experience to optimise developing trends in modern digital technology. 

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