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Curb Mobility taxi top displays case study.

Taxi Top Display Case Study
Curb Mobility


Global urban mobility experts Curb Mobility wanted to deliver highly engaging taxi top displays to New York’s famous yellow cabs.


Melford developed stylish and innovative dual-sided displays for Curb Mobility that could be easily mounted on vehicles, with easy maintenance if needed. Each screen could also be used independently to show alternative advertising campaigns when required.

The display automatically adjusts brightness to match ambient lighting condiitons, as well as the ability to withstand snow, ice, wind, rain and sunlight - built to meet IP66 and NEMA4+ standards. The protection glass is also laminated with a vandal-resistant screen for additional protection.


Taxi top display mounted on vehicle roof.

The solution was designed, developed and tested with Curb Mobility over 12 months, and was deployed to vehicles across an 8 month period. The displays have proved to be a highly effective and engaging advertising solution across the taxi fleet.

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Curb Mobility Yellow Cab taxi top display example.
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