Case Study - Train Detection System

The Client/End User

Exterion Media

The Project Name / Scope

DX3 is a network of large digital screens (4.5m x 2.4m) installed cross track on the London Underground network. With a projection from the platform onto custom-coated surface, DX3 will cut through any ambient light conditions, ensuring high-definition, premium resolution across the entire network.

Exterion Media - Train Detection System

These screens allow for full-motion, dynamic digital content.

The 60 High Definition screens will carry positive London, local and international news across 15 stations, reporting on sports, technology, weather, business and lifestyle updates and keeping consumers entertained and informed as they travel across the London Underground.

Melford Technologies engineering design team were responsible for the hardware and software development of a train detecting system that disabled the projector prior to the train arriving at the platform to ensure the driver does not suffer light distraction.

Deployment Timelines

12 Months over 2016/17

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