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Designed to capitalise on customer footfall in retail environments, Melford’s Android freestanding digital posters feature high-definition, tablet-like displays.

The integrated Android media player and scheduling software enable stores to take advantage of the high image quality and wide viewing angle provided by the IPS panel. Power consumption is also kept to a minimum and the built-in eco power timer can be used to further increase efficiency.

Our Android freestanding digital posters are available in 50” or 55” variants, and feature integrated castors to enable easy repositioning on demand.


Products in this range can be deployed in a wide range of consumer environments – including retail, hospitality, leisure, banking and healthcare.

  • High-definition 1080p IPS panel with a wide viewing angle

  • Designed for 24/7 commercial use

  • High image quality and colour accuracy

  • Integrated Android media player

  • Integrated speakers

  • Eco power timer and low power consumption


Main Features

Lightweight design.

Lightweight design

Plug and play technology.

Plug and play

Optional network upgrade.

Optional network upgrade

Scheduling software included.

Scheduling software included

Integrated Android media player.

Integrated Android media player

Internal locker.

Internal locker

Tempered glass screen.

Edge to edge tempered glass

LED backlight.

LED backlight

Integrated castors.

Integrated castors

450 cd/m2 IPS panel.

450 cd/m2 IPS panel

24/7 commercial grade.

24/7 commercial grade

Integrated speakers.

Integrated speakers

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Download these PDF product datasheets, available for our full range of Android advertising displays. Including full specification and key dimensions.

Technical Drawings

Download these PDF technical drawings available for our full range of Android freestanding digital posters. Including external dimensions and enclosure details.