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High Brightness Window Displays

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Designed to maximise your available window display space, Melford’s range of high brightness window displays ensure both external and internal customers remain engaged regardless of location outside or inside of your premises.

Products in this range include – ultra-high brightness hanging double-sided displays, ultra high brightness window displays, hanging double-sided window displays and high vibrance Android advertising displays. Products in this range can be deployed in a wide range of consumer environments – including retail, hospitality, leisure, banking and healthcare.

To find out more about the specific products within this range and how Melford can help you to maximise your window display space, take a look at our pages below.

High Brightness Window Display Product Ranges

Hanging double sided window displays.

Maximise your window display space. Integrated ceiling lount, LED backlight and sunlight readable display, easily seen by all customers.

Ultra high brightness hanging window displays.

Double-sided displays feature an outward-facing 3,500 cd/m² screen, sunlight readable panels and ambient light sensors.

High vibrance Android advertising displays.

Ideal for brightly-lit retail environments, high-brightness 700 cd/m² screen. Features a wide viewing angle, available in 43" and 55" variants.

Ultra high brightness window displays.

Display to external customers, even in direct sunlight or variable lighting. Portrait or landscape orientation, sizes from 43" to 65".

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