Indoor LED video walls.

Indoor LED Video Walls

Built as modular, bespoke all-in-one panels, Melford’s indoor LED video wall solutions are perfect for seamless indoor displays.

Optimised for indoor use, the indoor video walls provide captivating image quality, with an ultra-high contrast ratio, high brightness display and flat screen surface for maximum visibility.


The slim, lightweight design, easy install and maintenance and front serviceability ensure the panels are highly adaptable to your specific indoor locations. The cloud-based CMS and remote content update capabilities also enable immediate changes to advertising or promotional content.

Our indoor LED video walls are available as individual panels and connect to each other with their modular design. Products in this range can be deployed in a wide range of consumer environments – including retail, hospitality, leisure, banking and travel.

  • Optimised for indoor use

  • Captivating image quality

  • Ultra high contrast ratio

  • High brightness display

  • Flat screen surface

  • Slim lightweight cabinets


Main Features

Ultra-high contrast ratio.

Ultra-high contrast ratio

Flat screen surface.

Flat screen surface

Slim, lightweight cabinets.

Slim lightweight cabinets

Easy installation & maintenance.

Easy installation & maintenance

Remote content updates.

Remote content updates

Complete packaged solution.

Complete packaged solution

550 cd/m2 high brightness panel.

550 cd/m2 high brightness

Seamless indoor LED video walls.

Seamless video walls

Flexible modular design.

Modular design

Ultra-quiet operation.

Ultra quiet operation

Cloud based content management system.

Cloud based CMS

Front serviceability.

Front serviceability

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Download these PDF product datasheets, available for our full range of indoor LED video walls. Including full specification and key dimensions.

Technical Drawings

Download these PDF technical drawings available for our full range of indoor LED video walls. Including external dimensions and mounting details.