Melford provides a wide range of bespoke, stylish and in house designed kiosk solutions. We offer kiosk designs that can be utilised indoor or outdoor, and our modular design means that they can be freestanding, wall mounted,  or desktop mounted.


We have the following types of kiosks to suit your requirements:

  • Self-Check Out

  • Wayfinding

  • Bill Payment

  • Digital Signage

  • Click and Collect

  • Hotel Check In

  • Point of help

  • Retail Display

  • Gaming

  • Ticketing

  • Internet browser

  • Order entry

  • Events


Our kiosks incorporate the latest interactive high definition digital touchscreen technology and software solutions to suit your requirements as well as a cloud-based CMS systems to allow customisable, eye-popping and fluid content.


Melford's Kiosk customers are typically in the following markets sectors:

  • Healthcare

  • Corporate

  • Banking

  • Retail 

  • Pay and display


  • Hotel / attractions

  • Local authorities

  • Events

  • Hospitality

  • Schools / universities

Melford's solutions typically incorporate the following features:


  • Slimline high definition interactive screens in all sizes options up to 43”.

  • Protected stylish housings to ensure       connection protection & aesthetically          pleasing.

  • Designed for 24/7 commercial use.

  • Configurable and ‘built to order’.


Additionally, we can integrate value add

modules to our kiosk range, including:


  • Payment terminals

  • Print solutions

  • Facial recognition

  • NFC

  • Camera technology

  • Biometric reader

  • Wifi

  • Barcode QR scanner

  • Audience measurement

  • Interactive audience measurement



Melford also provide experienced professional project planning, configuration, deployment and maintenance services for a full wrap around provision.

Please call to discuss your requirements +44(0)1494 638069 or email