Land driver night vision military display.

Land Driver Night Vision Display

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An 8.4” rugged night vision display that can be easily mounted to vehicles, the land driver night vision display has been purpose-built for driver use with day and night cameras.

Offering flexible VESA mounting as standard, the range also features built-in shock and vibration resistance and an LED backlight, for maximum longevity and consistent performance regardless of the surrounding environment.

The land driver night vision display is constructed in a solid aluminium case with an EMC Mesh front glass window for additional protection.


Main Features

Night vision display.

Night vision display

Flexible VESA mounting options.

Flexible VESA mounting options

Toughened glass window.

Aluminium case & mesh glass window

LED backlight.

LED backlight

Shock & vibration resistance.

Shock & vibration resistance

Stainless steel fixings.

Stainless steel fixings

Multiple input options.

Multiple input options

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Download this PDF product datasheet, available for the land driver night vision display. Including full specification and key dimensions.