Digital Menu Boards

Melford provide digital menu boards which have quickly become a ‘no-brainer’ in the restaurant & food service space. Commercial high definition displays are vibrant, eye-catching, reduce ongoing printing costs & provide more value than a standard printed menu board.

Enticing food and drink photos & video help improve the customer experience, boost brand perception and drive sales lift and profit.

Digital menu and beer boards can include food images, video, live TV, social media feeds and more. The menus are database-driven, which makes updating menu items and pricing easy from any location.


Making changes and update prices instantly from any Web-connected PC or even from your phone! Connecting displays to your POS to allow real-time pricing to update your menus instantly.

Segment your screens to show menu items and pricing, special promotions or even revenue-generating 3rd party advertising.


We’ve helped restaurants streamline and modernise their establishments with digital menu boards.


In addition Melford provide shelf display solutions including e-ink retail pricing.

Melford also provide experienced professional project planning, configuration, deployment and maintenance services for a full wrap around provision.


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