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Retail digital signage solutions.

Retail Digital Signage

Melford offers a wide range of innovative and engaging digital solutions that have been purpose built with retailers in mind. Our self-service kiosk and digital signage solutions deliver a highly engaging and interactive shopping experience, differentiating you from the competition.

In addition to increasing sales and throughput efficiency, our retail solutions also enable you to take advantage of advertising opportunities – providing you with a quick return on investment. By taking advantage of high impact displays in high footfall locations, such as shopping malls and leisure venues, retailers can make the most of their available space.

Android digital advertising displays.

High-definition, tablet-like screens with integrated Android media player and scheduling software.

Android freestanding digital posters.

Capitalise on customer footfall. High-definition, tablet-like displays, available in 50” or 55” variants.

Network digital menu boards.

Purpose-built for hospitality and QSR environments. High-resolution IPS panels with LED backlights, 1-year free CMS subscription.

Hanging double sided window displays.

Maximise your window display space. Integrated ceiling lount, LED backlight and sunlight readable display, easily seen by all customers.

High vibrance Android advertising displays.

Ideal for brightly-lit retail environments, high-brightness 700 cd/m² screen. Features a wide viewing angle, available in 43" and 55" variants.

Ultra-high brightness hanging double sided window displays.

Double-sided displays feature an outward-facing 3,500 cd/m² screen, sunlight readable panels and ambient light sensors.

Ultra-high brightness window displays.

Display to external customers, even in direct sunlight or variable lighting. Portrait or landscape orientation, sizes from 43" to 65".

Osprey modular self-service kiosks.

Designed for retail, hospitality, leisure, travel and public services applications. Osprey is a modular self-service kiosk in a large landscape format.

Falcon modular self-service kiosks.

Slim, robust self-service kiosk solution, ideal for retail, hospitality, leisure, attractions, corporate and healthcare environments. 

Kingsfisher modular self-service kiosks.

Purpose-built for demanding retail and hospitality environments, the Kingfisher Self-Service Kiosk features a large, 22” PCAP touch screen.

Heron self-checkout kiosks.

The Heron Self-Checkout Kiosk is a small footprint solution perfect for retail, hospitality or leisure environments.

Hawk self-service kiosks.

Designed for QSR and hospitality environments, the Hawk Self-Service Kiosk features a large 27" PCAP touch screen.

LCD video wall displays.

Built to be highly flexible regardless of location, Melford’s LCD video wall displays feature automatic tiling to adapt to any space.

Fine pitch LED presentation video walls.

Created using the latest SMD technology, our fine pitch LED presentation video walls are ideal solutions for business environments & boardrooms.

Indoor LED video wall panels.

Built as modular, bespoke all-in-one panels, Melford’s indoor LED video wall solutions are perfect for seamless indoor displays.

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