Rugged tablets and PC's.

Rugged Tablets & PC's

Melford provide a ruggedised modular range of PCs and tablet solutions to suit any environment with uncompromising durability.

Whether your mobile employees prefer a slate tablet, a tablet with a hard-handle and built-in barcode reader option, or a 2-in-1 laptop / tablet with a full-featured keyboard, the functional flexibility of this portfolio ensures that you have the right computing tool for any job.

The rugged tablets are built to keep your total cost of ownership low and ROI high, especially as mobility demands grow. It’s ready for the field and front office, emergency vehicle, warehouse/factory, present and future.

Used for:

  • Inspections

  • Inventory Management

  • Safety Audits and Compliance Reporting

  • Asset Monitoring and Control

  • Maintenance and Repair

  • Claims Processing

  • Incident Reporting

  • Dispatch and Routing

  • (GPS) Mapping/GIS Asset Location

  • Evidence Documentation

  • Emergency Response Planning and Management

Industries used within:

  • Retail

  • Field Mobility

  • Warehouse Management

  • Transportation

  • Manufacturing

  • Healthcare

Rugged tablet solutions.
Rugged PCs
Rugged tablet solutions.

Your workers get a personal tablet that looks and feels like their own, while you get the

durability, ease-of-use, data capture features and flexibility your business requires.


In addition to PC's & tablets Melford also provide servers, media players, printers, payment terminals, RFID and 2D readers for a variety of applications and environments, please send us an enquiry to for further information.

Melford also provide experienced professional project planning, configuration, deployment and maintenance services for a full wrap around provision.

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