Marine and Military rugged displays and monitors.

Marine & Military Rugged Displays

With more than 50 years of experience across the marine and military sectors, Melford offers a diverse range of ruggedised and highly reliable solutions designed to operate in all extremes and environments.

Ranging from 5.7” to 26” formats, our product range covers general displays (MGD), marine radar displays (MRD), handheld dismount displays, land simulated driver night vision displays, land driver night vision displays, navy PCs and land displays. All are purpose-built to meet the highest standards of reliability and protection, as well as being highly versatile to meet specific vehicle configurations.

Melford general displays (MGD).

Rugged design alongside low latency & high brightness options, the MGD range is available in 15”, 17” & 19” options.

Marine radar displays.

Marine radar displays, available in splash proof, waterproof (IP65) or fully submersible (IP68) configurations.


A rugged marine touch screen display designed for military use. Purpose-built for naval environments.

Handheld dismount displays.

The handheld dismount display range is ideal for foot soldiers, with its compact, ruggedised design.

Land driver night vision displays.

A rugged night vision display, easily mounted to vehicles, purpose-built for driver use with day & night cameras.

Land simulated driver night vision displays.

A compact, rugged display, designed to be easily mounted to vehicles, with flexible VESA mounting as standard.

Military rugged land displays with night vision.

The rugged land display range has been specifically built for drivers, command & crew to use with day & night cameras.

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