Digital totem displays, totem digital signage.

Digital Totem Displays

Melford provide a myriad of bespoke, stylish and in-house designed totem solutions, whether indoor, outdoor, freestanding, wall mounted or desktop. 

We have the following types of impactful totems to suit your requirements:


  • Information

  • Wayfinding

  • Digital signage

  • Ticketing / check in

  • Retail

  • Gaming / entertainment

  • Internet

  • Order entry

  • Events

Melford's totem solutions incorporate interactive high definition digital touchscreen technology and software solutions to suit your requirements as well as a cloud-based CMS system to allow customisable and fluid content. 

Outdoor freestanding totem digital signage.

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Freestanding totem digital signage.

Totem customers markets sectors are typically:

  • Healthcare

  • Corporate

  • Banking

  • Retail / malls / showrooms

  • Local authorities

  • Events 

  • Education

Our solutions typically incorporate the following features:

  • Slimline high definition interactive screens in all sizes options up to 98”

  • Protected stylish housing connection protection and aesthetically pleasing

  • Designed for 24/7 commercial use

  • Configurable and ‘built to order’

Melford also provide experienced professional project planning, configuration, deployment and maintenance services for a full wrap around provision.