LCD and LED taxi top displays.

Taxi Top Displays

Purpose-built for high impact digital advertising on taxis, our range of taxi top displays are available in LED or LCD variants, 38” or 40” respectively. The taxi top display range is designed to be easy to fit to roof rails or bars with the included kit, ensuring minimal disruption to your fleet operation.

All of our taxi top displays feature an IP66 and NEMA 4X rating, as well as toughened glass, an active humidity control system and anti-reflective coatings, ensuring they can operate effectively in all weather conditions. Additionally, our displays are easy to clean with low maintenance requirements, making it easy to keep them operating at all times.

Detailed support is also available for brands looking to advertise on the displays and your fleet operators, with the ability to vary advertising content based on geolocation and full telemetry data feedback – all supported by full GPS and 4G connectivity.


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Main Features

Easy to fit to roof rails or bars.

Easy to fit to roof rails or bars

Toughened, scratch resistant glass

Toughened scratch resistant glass

Easy to clean and low maintain.

Easy clean and low maintenance

Geo targeted advertising.

Geo targeted advertisements

Plug and play technology.

Plug and play

Lightweight aluminium construction.

Lightweight aluminium construction

Auto-brightness control.

Auto brightness control

Low power consumption.

Low power consumption

Anti reflective coatings.

Anti-reflective glass coatings

Weatherproof, IP66 and NEMA 4X rated.

IP66 and NEMA 4X rated

Active humidity control system.

Active humidity control system

Full telemetry data feedback.

Full telemetry data feedback

GPS and 4G connectivity.

GPS and 4G connectivity

Optional custom branding and colours.

Optional custom branding and colour


Download these PDF product datasheets, available for our range of LCD and LED taxi top displays. Including full specification and key dimensions.

Technical Drawings

Download these PDF technical drawings available for our range of LCD and LED taxi top displays. Including external dimensions and mounting details.

Case Studies

Curb Mobility taxi top display case study.

Curb Mobility wanted to deliver highly engaging taxi top displays to New York's famous yellow cabs