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Digital signage displays.

Digital Signage Displays

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage solutions include commercial-grade LCD, LED and E-Ink displays that can be used to quickly and effectively communicate videos, imagery and messaging across a wide range of sectors – including retail, hospitality, corporate and digital out-of-home environments.


Digital signage is a popular replacement for traditional signage as it enables businesses and organisations to immediately and cost effectively react to content changes – such as price changes, new product promotions, updated public awareness messaging and more.

Digital Signage Product Ranges

Android advertising displays.

High-definition, tablet-like screens with integrated Android media player and scheduling software.

Android freestanding digital posters.

Capitalise on customer footfall. High-definition, tablet-like displays, available in 50” or 55” variants.

Network digital menu boards.

Purpose-built for hospitality and QSR environments. High-resolution IPS panels with LED backlights, 1-year free CMS subscription.

High brightness window displays.

A range of single and double sided window displays, high and ultra-high resolutions. Hanging, free standing and mounted variants.

Outdoor digital advertising displays.

Purpose-built to withstand constant use regardless of weather. Freestanding and mounted ranges, battery and touch screen solutions.

LCD & LED video wall displays.

Melford's range of video wall displays comprises of several high definition LCD & LED displays, that can be flexibly arranged to suit your needs.

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How Will Melford Support You?

 Our digital signage range contains a wide range of interactive, high-definition solutions that are designed to deliver vibrant and eye-catching detail through bright LCD, LED and E-Ink displays. By using targeted campaigns and playlists through supporting software, our customers can also benefit from comprehensive analytics and adapt their content instantaneously based on data insights. With all of our solutions, we strive to meet your requirements and budgetary constraints.

Our digital signage solutions include:

  • Indoor/outdoor commercial displays

  • Digital menu boards

  • Interactive displays

  • Kiosks and totems

  • Video walls

  • Complete bespoke solutions designed for specific applications

All of our digital signage solutions can be operated via a cloud-based content management system (CMS), providing customers with access to media rich content to attract consumers, increase sales and reduce costs.

We also provide experienced professional project planning, configuration, deployment and maintenance services for a complete end-to-end solution. 

Case Studies

Sunglasses Hut digital signage case study.

High impact digital advertising display in one of the UK's most popular shopping centres.

Mr Hungry's digital signage case study

A large digital menu board for a very popular QSR location in their newly refurbished shop.

New Gorbals Health Centre digital signage case study.

Tamper-proof Android advertising displays used for a video portrait art installation, to run 24/7.

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