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Transport Systems Case Study - Global Media Group Services

Transport Systems Case Study
Global Media Group Services


Outdoor advertising experts Global Media Group Services were looking to install DX3, a network of large digital screens installed cross track on the London Underground network, and delivered via projectors onto custom-coated surfaces. In doing so, they needed a solution to ensure train drivers were not distracted by the screens.

Global Media Group Services DX3 installation.


Based on our expertise developing highly effective solutions for rail transport, the Melford engineering design team created a train detecting system that would disable the projectors as trains approached the platform, ensuring that drivers would not suffer from light distraction.


This was delivered through a combination of hardware and software development to produce the perfect solution for Global and their requirements.


Global Media Group Services DX3 on London Underground..

The train detecting systems were deployed over a 12 month period to great success and feedback from the Global team.

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