Digital Signage Case Study - New Gorbals Health Centre.

Digital Signage Case Study
New Gorbals Health & Care Centre


A one-stop shop for health and medical services, New Gorbals Health and Care Centre provides access to a range of healthcare amenities for their local community in Glasgow. During construction, local art organisation Wave Particle developed 'The Portrait Gallery' art project - featuring over 200 video portraits of local residents - which needed location specific displays to run content 24/7.


A perfect fit for their wall space, the 22” and 32” Android advertising displays featured no external buttons or controls, ensuring they could not be tampered with. The glass tempered fronts, aluminium surrounds and tablet styling also further enhanced the artistic content being displayed.


Glass fronts that were easy to wipe clean were also an essential part of these healthcare displays.


Super slim, flat wall mounts ensured the displays could be mounted quickly and securely - and because they were preloaded with content, setup was quick and easy. A grand opening event delivered great reactions from visitors and all parties were delighted with the final result.

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New Gorbals Health Centre using digital advertising displays.
Android advertising display as a portrait gallery.